New Morgue Soft's releases

Date 9-Aug-2008 21:00:36
Topic: Software News

Morgue Soft is proud to brings out a new screen saver, Flowers, and a new update of Acuario; this screen saver works on Amiga 68K, OS 4.x and MorphOS, you can download them from our web site: Morgue Soft
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Flowers 1.0
Do you like flowers? Yes? Well, now you can enjoy the beautiful flowers of Thomas' gardens on your screen while listening to the pleasant and restful background music to provide you with a most relaxing experience on your Amiga.

Acurio 1.75: improvements in this new version:
1. Two new fish. A new Tetra fish and a brand-new new fish: Copper banded Butterfly. Corrected some bugs found in the Angel fish.
2. New background in high resolution.
3. Added and changed font for digital clock and date.
4. Mermaid routines optimized.

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