Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 (11.Aug.2008)

Date 12-Aug-2008 21:35:04
Topic: Software News

Basilisk II is an open source 68k Macintosh emulator. It can emulate
either a Mac Classic or a Mac II series machine with colour display
and sound.

* RDB support
* Harddisk support with 64bit addressing
* Displays diskimage and partition size (when found!)
* Mouse wheel support (NEW).
* Ethernet support (not tested)
* Supports LUT and ARGB display modes on all screens including Workbench
* Supports CD-ROM
* All PC keyboard keys are supported in emulation

Note to PowerUp users: it is probably better run Shapeshifter or Fusion on
the 68k than Basilisk II on the PPC. Basilisk II uses UAE CPU engine and
BPPC/CSPPC is too weak.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 11.Aug.2008:

* Mouse wheel support.
* Ethernet fixes, (don't know if they work).
* ASL fileselector for ethernet device
* New "Add bootdisk" button.
* Shows partition and diskimage size in GUI.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 3.Aug.2008:

* Added ASL fileselector for ROM and diskimages.

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 AmigaOS4 7.Nov.2007:
* Marged the AmigaOS3.x sources whit MorphOS sources.
* Removed MUI stuff
* Simplified error messages (NO MUI STUFF)
* Added reaction GUI
* Removed TD64 support
* Fixed bug in disk support (random memory corruption)
* Added NSD64 (large disk support used in OS3.5/3.9/4.0)
* Removed Cybergraphic stuff not relevent to AmigaOS4.
* added Picasso96 support from OS3.x
* removed direct videooutput (none working videomodes) slower but works
* Added RDB support, no need to enter start and size in blocks.
* New Icon from Martin "Mason" Merz
* Buggy exit code fixed.

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