Ctorrent_gui V1.2 released

Date 13-Aug-2008 20:29:51
Topic: Software News

Have released V1.2 of ctorrent_gui.

Based on enchanced ctorrent dnh 3.3.2
This is a bug-fix release to correct issues found in the previous version.

Highlights of this release include: 

* [1954631] Fixed incorrect ordering of dictionary keys in created torrent
metainfo file.
* Remove unneeded buffer allocation in bencode_buf.
* Insure appropriate file can be closed if needed.
* Fix double-cancel in StopDownload.
* Incorrectly set not_interested state in RequestPiece when it should set
m_standby, as there are still outstanding requests
* Corrected a problem in choke oscillation handling.
* Avoid re-requesting the most recently requested piece from a peer, to reduce
choke oscillation impact.
* Set multpeer on choke oscillation, to accept the affected piece.
* Don't print file completion details with -c if no files existed.
* Set errno in low-level btfiles functions to facilitate better error messages.
* Set ENOMEM on alloc failure in truncate routine
* Corrected some CTCS error handling, which could produce an odd/incorrect
message about sending the torrent.
* Fix CTCS/Console recursion loop triggered by a network problem, eventually
blowing out the stack.
* Remove the .bf file when -c is used. This prevents an old bitfield state
hanging around if the torrent is found to be complete.
* Indicate when a file is being created, even when trying to use sparse files.
* Don't print file completion details when no data is present.
* Buffer was not freed when using -a (memory waste).
* Additional "now" time updates to correct timing flaws. Too many disk
accesses could be performed because the time was not being updated between
* Fix request URL encoding for non-ASCII locales.
* Cache management bug due to expiration during I/O. This could manifest as a
bad hash check or incomplete piece after download.
* Correction in cache aging of a piece.
* Console is unresponsive when downloading slowly (IsIdle problem).

Os4 specific:

*Rewritten the handling of the text output,hopefully gives no more DSI.
*Fixed a bug so the same text won't appear in the listbrowser several times.
*Fixed so you can press the mouse button in the listbrowser. This led to system lockup.
*Ctorrent will hopefully not crash if the .torrent file is damaged or an empty one.
*Cancelling asl requester would crash ctorrent. Has been fixed.
*Listbrowser will scroll down when new text is added to show the latest action.

Can be found here: http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=network/p2p/ctorrent_gui.lha

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