BeebEm (BBC Micro) on AmigaOS 4.

Date 24-Aug-2008 21:01:03
Topic: Software News

The BBC Micro, was a microcomputer well known in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and associated with British education. Designed with colourful graphics, a great expandability and a quality OS, the BeebEm still has a strong fanbase. Now thanks to BeebEm, you can enjoy it's enormous software base right on your AmigaOne!
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BeebEm is a BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator. It enables you to run BBC Micro software on your Amiga. BeebEm will run most BBC Micro software including Elite, Exile and Revs. It will also run most BBC Micro ROM software (e.g. Wordwise). The new AmigaOS 4 version 0.13 features many bugfixes, and enhancements. Hard drive images, example software and instructions are included in the package, and it's easy to set up. Just extract the lha archive anywhere and doubleclick the icon.

View BeebEm running Exile - Screenshot
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Download the package from Here

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