Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign August 2008 Winner

Date 27-Aug-2008 10:29:49
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Chicago, Illinois – August 27th, 2008

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Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign from DiscreetFX

The Amiga computer represents a lot of firsts in the computer industry but it also represents many missed opportunities. Since the death of Commodore in 1994 the Amiga has descended into dark times. They say you learn most from your failures and not your successes and this is most certainly the case when it comes to Amiga. And yet some good things have happened as well.

The Amiga market has branched off into some healthy competition with the arrival of MorphOS, AROS & Amiga OS 4.1. The Amiga emulation scene is alive and well with Amiga Forever 2008 from Cloanto. And lets not forget the hard work of the developers of Minimig, Natami & CloneA. Amiga developers have transcended the need of one company controlling the destiny of Amiga and have forged ahead in interesting ways.

It's this Amiga spirit that DiscreetFX loves and we want to nurture. Every month we will select one winner and give them a $100 donation via Paypal. No, this is not a ton of money but it is a gesture that will encourage positive feelings and development in the Amiga community of families. Each month if a developer or even a user does something outstanding that pushes forward the Amiga, MorphOS, AROS or Amiga OS 4.1 brand we will send them this little reward. If this program is well received then monthly donation amounts may increase.
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This months winner is Andreas Falkenhahn from Airsoft Softwair Entertainment in Germany. Andreas Falkenhahn has worked tirelessly and created the killer product Hollywood 3. This application has done what many said impossible, the ability to create presentations on Amiga/MorphOS then make them OS3, MorphOS, WarpOS, AmigaOS4, AROS, Windows, and Mac OS executables! What an amazing cross platform tool! Congratulations Andreas your this months winner. Please support this great developer, we already have by sending him $100 via Paypal. He is not alone and it takes many to change the world. But it is our sincere hope that the Amiga scene can grow again. Thanks again Andreas Falkenhahn for all your hard work and your the winner for August 2008. Who will September 2008's winner be? Feel free to participate in the process and let us know via e-mail who you think deserves to win. They can be MorphOS, Amiga OS, OS 4.1, AROS users or developers. That does not matter, what does matter is that they worked hard and pushed the community forward in a positive way.

Please order Hollywood 3 from this Link

Hollywood 3

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- DiscreetFX Team

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