Gary Peake and Fred Wright to manage Miami mailinglists

Date 3-May-2003 17:44:28
Topic: News

Fred Wright: "As you may have noticed, The Miami and MiamiDx lists have been resurrected  on a new server, following the demise of the old one. Gary Peake (of Team  Amiga and Amiga, Inc.) has been kind enough to provide server resources for the new lists, and I'll be acting as admin." Read more for the rest of Fred's message.

"Everyone who was subscribed to either of the old lists should now be subscribed to the corresponding new list, and should have received the Majordomo welcome message, including un-subbing insructions. Please bear with us while any glitches are sorted out.

These are the only two NordicGlobal lists still active enough to warrant keeping alive. The remaining lists mentioned on the NordicGlobal site are permanently defunct. The website should get updated in the near future to reflect the current status.

Note: This message is intentionally cross-posted, because it applies to both lists. In general, I don't recommend cross-posting, since the listserver isn't smart enough to avoid sending duplicate messages to multi-list subscribers. Since there are very few things applicable to Miami which aren't applicable to MiamiDx, I'd suggest using the Miami list for matters pertaining to Miami of unspecified Deluxeness, while
using the MiamiDx list for matters pertaining specifically to Miami Deluxe (e.g. routing, NAT, firewall, etc.). A MiamiDx user should typically subscribe to both lists, unless the *only* interest is in the MiamiDx-specific areas.

Fred Wright "

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