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Date 1-Sep-2008 16:12:21
Topic: Announcement

The following articles have been added to the website of the French Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months :

- Amiga and MorphOS news of july/august 2008.
- Interview with Grzegorz Kraszewski (MorphOS developer).
- Interview with Hans-Joerg Frieden (AmigaOS 4 developer).

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- Review of MorphOS 2.0.
- Review of Amikit on Linux.
- Review of Epistula.
- Review of Fightin' Spirit.
- Review of Fire And Ice.
- Review of Gemini Wing.
- Review of Gods.
- Review of Golden Axe.
- Review of Hybris.
- Review of Lethal Xcess.
- Review of Lionheart.
- Review of Mega Typhoon.
- Review of Mercs.
- Review of Midnight Resistance.
- Review of Nicky Boum.
- Review of The Oath.
- Review of Ork.
- Review of Pang.
- Review of P-47 : The Freedom Fighter
- Review of Qwak.
- Review of Risky Woods.
- Review of Rod Land.
- Review of Ruff N Tumble.
- Review of Saint Dragon.
- Review of Viper.
- Hardware : CPTVUSB20-5 USB card.
- Tutorial : installation of MorphOS 2.0 on Pegasos I/II and Efika 5200B.
- Quizz about Amiga News.
- New heading : tips and tricks.

In bonus, you can also read all articles from the magazine Amiga News issue 78 to 87 (april 1995 - february 1996).

Rendez-vous on obligement for this nice reading.

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