Brainwasher - donate to motivate

Date 11-Sep-2008 20:50:13
Topic: Announcement

Two amigans (Arbuz and Zbysiuk) talked to the author of BrainWasher (instant messaging tool with support for GaduGadu, Jabber, ICQ) and he agreed to speed up the development when motivated enough.
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MiniQ (the author) assures to support voice chat using GG, Tlen and Jabber protocol (unfortunately support for Skype is not possible due to lack of documentation). There is one condition - collect the sum of at least 1000 PLN (approx. 320 EUR). Treat this information as reliable. This initiative for sure will be completed but how much time it will take and how many protocols will be supported depend on the sum of collected money. Author assures that technical support and future development will be provided after completion of the work, so any future changes in the protocols will be implemented into BrainWasher. This initiative does not indicate that this tool will become a commercial product. The project still stays freeware. Donation is just for motivating purposes. Money can be donated directly through the bank account. Status progress on the development and the money collected will be published from time to time on the project www page.

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