ART Episode 31 - The Wheels Came Off

Date 21-Sep-2008 7:10:17
Topic: Announcement

The latest episode is now live! Soon to be on iTunes. Also, you can now follow us on Twitter! OK, show notes time:

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald, Mike Blackburn, Bill Panagouleas, Eddie Cejvan
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* Rich can’t count. It’s Episode 31, not 30!
* Sean goes Hippy.
* Mike is on Strike.
* Bill is scarred from his trip into hell and back.
* Eddie loves Vegamite.
* Morph OS 2.1 is out.
* Commodore has a new laptop.
* OS 4.1 is shipping. The competition heats up.
* AROS MMORPG “Eternal Lands” coming along.
* Upcoming Amiga Shows.
* Bill was on the DV Show podcast.
* Bill talks about his trip to Hell
* Cloanto’s Amiga Forever update and C=64 Forever Announced.
* SPORE Pr0n?

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