Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign from DiscreetFX Rogue's PS3 Instant Bounty

Date 25-Sep-2008 6:56:02
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Chicago, Illinois – September 24th, 2008 - For Immediate Release

Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign from DiscreetFX

This months Seeding the Success Campaign is going to be a little different. The winner is Rogue from Hyperion Entertainment for all his hard work on Amiga OS 4.1. He will of course get $100 but instead of Paypaling money we have set-up a Instant Bounty for him to receive a Sony PS3. We read with great interest in the recent Ars Technica interview that a port of Amiga OS 4.1 to PS3 had been seriously considered. We then read with sadness a comment from Rogue on that he did not have a PS3 and could not experiment on doing a port without one.
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So getting Rogue a PS3 is the focus of Amiga Seeding the Success this month, We need your help though since Sony's PS3 is $399 plus tax and shipping and we have contributed only $100 of that. Once the goal of $399 plus shipping/tax is reached we will close this Instant Bounty and purchase/ship a PS3 to the address Rogue provides us. We expect this to be a fast and easy bounty so one of the lead OS 4.1 developers can have a PS3 in his possession quickly. Please watch for the following URL to be on-line in the next 3-4 hours for donations to this Bounty.


DiscreetFX has always strongly believed in OS 4.0/4.1 for the PS3 and has mentioned that to Hyperion many times. Hopefully this Bounty effort with your help can bring us one step closer to making it happen . The PS3 is already very Amiga like and even has one of the creators of the Amiga working on it (R J Mical). Sony's PS3 has millions of owners, many of which used to own an Amiga. Amiga OS 4.1 on PS3 would help expand and re-legitimize the Amiga brand, even if you own a SAM440, AmigaOne or mystery OS 4.1 box. More ways to run OS 4.1 will benefit users and developers. DiscreetFX believes in doing what it can to help make modern Amiga & Amiga like systems successful.

Best regards

- DiscreetFX Team

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