A Sizzling Hot Deal for loyal DiscreetFX customers.

Date 5-May-2003 12:21:12
Topic: Announcement

Own the Amiga/Video Toaster version of Pyromania or ScaryFX? Own a Video Toaster [2] or an Amiga with or without a Video Toaster? Then we have a deal for you! For being a loyal DiscreetFX customer you can get a flaming hot discount on our new product Spontaneous Combustion? until the end of the month.

Spontaneous Combustion is selling for $129.95 but since you have supported our Amiga developments in the past we want to reward that support by giving you a great discount offer of only $59.95. Simply send us e-mail so we can look you up in our customer history database. Then tell us what payment method you wish to use. We will even include free shipping if you act now. If you need more information about Spontaneous Combustion? the URL for its website is here. We have uploaded several screenshots to this site for your enjoyment.


About DiscreetFX:
DiscreetFX creates Real-time transitions and effects seen on over 100 television programs including Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates and more! You can also see DiscreetFX software used on the following networks HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, PBS, Fox and more!

Information about Pyromania & ScaryFX:

Pyromania is a 2 CD set of Fire, Explosion and Smoke Effects used on the hit TV shows/channels Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discovery Channel, FOX, HBO and may more. ScaryFX is a horror effects library that is perfect for editing your Halloween videos or creating your very own low budget horror movie.

Both of these products require an AGA or GFX card based Amiga with or without a Video Toaster 4000 card.

Information about Spontaneous Combustion?:
Spontaneous Combustion?: The unofficial sequel to the Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer version of Pyromania from Bill Panagouleas. In development for over two years S.C. gives you much more than just fire, explosion and smoke effects. Rendered on Silicon Graphics O2 and Octane systems @ 4000 X 4000 resolution and quadra down sampled to full overscan uncompressed D1 video (720 X 486), you won't have to sacrifice quality. More frames, more depth, more realism. Over 40 unique Real-time effects, many never before seen for any video editing system including Sexy Smoke, Ultimate Explosion, Big Shooting Star, Car Crash, Flame Columns, Streaking Comet, TNT, Detonate, Phlogiston and Apocalypse.

A cross-platform product for Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer and Video Toaster [2]/[3]. Video Toaster [2]/[3] version now available! Video Toaster [2]/[3] version comes on one DVD-ROM and one CD-ROM, over 5 Gigabytes of data! Individual files in sequence are provided for maximum usage in a variety of programs such as ImageFX (www.novadesign.com), Photogenics 5 (http://www.idruna.com), Toasterpaint, Aura (www.newtek.com) or Zbrush (http://pixologic.com).

a. Amiga 24 bit IFF files
b. Video Toaster Flyer clips
c. Video Toaster [2]/[3] TGA stills in sequence.
d. Video Toaster [2]/[3] uncompressed RTV files.
e. Real-time Video Toaster Effects in Video Toaster[2] and Amiga Video Toaster 4000 formats.
Here is a partial list of the over 40 effects included in the package.

Detonate, TNT Apocalypse, Bottom Inferno Ultimate Explosion, Mushroom Cloud, Fireworks Frame, Moving Lava, Flask Explosion, Streaking Burst, Blue Smoke, Liquid Smoke, Fire Columns, Side Smoke, Tornado, Trailing Fire, Fire Frame, Thick Smog, Toon Smoke, Small Shooting Star, Small Comet, Spiral Flames, Simple Explosion, Cloud Swirl, Sun Burst, Lighting Smoke, Shooting Smoke, Video Fire, Weird, Sexy Smoke, Several Explosions, Brimstone, Crucible and more.

Anyone placing an order should contact DiscreetFX toll free voice/fax @ (800) 852-0930 or by e-mail sales@discreetfx.com. Dealer inquires are also welcome.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas

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