iBatch: Sync Picture dirs + Batchrename and Batchconvert for images

Date 5-Oct-2008 21:44:13
Topic: Software News

I just uploaded IBatch 0.4a and 0.4b BETA. You can easily create thumbnails from any image directory, which will be kept up-to-date by a "oneway sync".
Add files to a batchlist to convert/resize... and rename/number them automatically.
Version 0.3BETA was just German, 0.4BETA is also available in English. No bugs were reported so far !!!
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IBatch is basically an ARexx Script using AWNPipe as GUI Toolkit. Imageprocessing is done by the ImageConverter Cli command by Thilo Köhler. A thumbnailviewer is also suggested by the author.
For OS3.x users please remember zlib.library plus jpeg.library are compulsary (aminet...).

Please watch out:
Version 0.4a BETA is for highres screens up to OS4.x (os4depot)
Version 0.4b BETA also runs on lowres screens but due to a bug in AWNPipe it will not run under OS4.x (just 3.x...) (aminet).

You can download all versions from:


or just visit aminet/os4depot.net

Screenshot shows iBatch in conjuction with "thumb" a thumbnailviewer. The Image 000_98_13 is just copied to the ROTR: directory, and will therefore be turned by 90 degrees to the right when processing.

Kind regards, geobiz.de

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