Amiblitz (2.32) released

Date 5-May-2003 20:38:24
Topic: Software News

A complete full distribution of Amiblitz (v2.32) has been released on the AmiForce homepages. The last distribution unfortunately contained some errors. Furthermore, there had not been an up-to-date German version of either Amiblitz2 (compiler), or PED (editor) in the archive. Due to these problems, the old archives have been completely removed from the server.

This latest distribution now contains the updated German files, and the guide has been enhanced and translated into German. Also, errors in the previous install script have now been fixed.

Changes to Amiblitz v2.32:

  • Many internal biugfixes

  • Fixed Gadtools.lib that i.e. removes the limitation to four colors in shape gadgets.

  • MUI is now completely supported thanks to MUI2.res.

  • AHI is now really supported.

  • OpenGL is now via StormMesa possible.

Please nothe that in order to use the GL features, the Stack value (set in AmiBlitzs icon) must not be less than 300K. An example for GL is included in the archive (4.7MB lha).

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