Candidates for Innovation Trophies at Colmar !

Date 7-Oct-2008 14:07:13
Topic: Events

Both sharing the RELEC stand at the grand exhibition Colmar Multimedia l'Expo 2008 in the East of France, this 24-25-26th October, ACube Systems and RMS Communications are proud to announce their candidacies for the first ever Innovation Trophies that crown the event, with important media benefits for the winners!
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ACube Systems will present its PowerPC motherboard based on "SystemOnChip", the SAM440ep, supporting multiple "alternative" operating systems including AmigaOS4.1.

RMS Communications will present its new software business management "ERP" style based on MUIbase (developed with the assistance of its author Steffen Gutmann) and supporting multi-platforms including AmigaOS and MorphOS.

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