Unreleased/Upcoming Amiga game demo - Babylonian Twins

Date 9-Oct-2008 5:22:03
Topic: Software News

Hi everyone. For those who don't know, there's a new game demo for you to download and play on your Amigas/UAE. It should run on any Amiga with 1MB RAM, maybe even 512K. If you install it on an AGA Amiga, boot up in ECS mode to play it, or boot from floppy. So, download the demo, play it, and give your feedback on the website. Show these guys your support and play their fantastic game. Hopefully we can convince them to release the full game!


About Babylonian Twins:

Babylonian Twins is a platform computer game that was originally developed for the Commodore Amiga between 1993 and 1994 but was never released due to the demise of Commodore. The game was developed in Baghdad-Iraq during the difficult economic sanctions period. The game is considered to be the first commercial game ever developed in Iraq and that region.

The author, main programmer and project lead is Rabah Shihab, at that time, a student at the computer engineering department at Baghdad University. He developed the game with his friends Murtadha Salman, a talented artist and a student at the Architecture department at Baghdad University, and Mahir Hisham, a talented musician and a medical student at the same university.

The game was developed using only one Amiga 500 computer, with mostly 500KB of memory and no hard drive. It was written entirely in MC68000 assembly language with direct programming of the Amiga custom chip set. A custom map editor was developed to design the game levels.

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