The new OWB is out

Date 13-Oct-2008 10:43:20
Topic: Software News

You'll find it in Aminet. Here is what has been updated...
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2.11 (12.10.2008)
- Split status/tooltip and progress bars, moved them to the bottom and using the Prefs/GUI Gadgets/Small font (RAfallback/8 if not set) for them ( issue #12). Because of these changes in the gui the WIDTH and HEIGH tooltypes for setting the size of the webview aren't supported any more.
- Added tooltip support and enabled showing URLs in tooltips.
- Toolbar images weren't disposed, fixed.
- Added CONFIRMQUIT tooltype, if enabled a requester is displayed asking if you really want to quit OWB when closing the last window with the close gadget (issue #15).
- Creates single colour pointers from the true colour ones, they are only used when not running on a Radeon gfx card and SOFTSPRITE isn't enabled on other gfx cards.
- Updated to SVN revision 580 (gif anims, setting the mouse pointer and drawing the inner frame scroll bars currently don't work).

Download the 2.11 owb.lha here.
Or 2.12 with minor fix is out here. (Thanks, samo79 )

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