Amiga Demo Archive (ADA) Updated

Date 5-May-2003 20:43:33
Topic: Announcement

First update from Breakpoint and The Gathering. Let's start with the bad news: not many amiga releases, in fact no 64k intro at all, 6 demos in total and 3 4k's sum up all the releases from both parties.

But there also is very good news: the quality from all releases is extremely high! So in this update, amazing releases by Iris, Ephidrena, Spaceballs and The Black Lotus. In a way, i feel this is the best quality demo update i have ever done for A.D.A. I hope to include the other releases from Scarab, Madwizards and Spaceballs demo in next update.

To see and more importantly download the latest releases, pop over to the ADA website

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