SpamFryer 6:18

Date 18-Oct-2008 2:29:26
Topic: Software News

SpamFryer is an icon-launched script by Simon N. Goodwin that automatically identifies spam and deletes it from your ISP's POP3 server, or moves it to a designated quarantine folder in YAM. This version applies about 200 rules to sift out spam from mails you want to read, and can quickly be taught new rules by editing plain text files. Everything it does is obvious and carefully explained. The package includes no binary code files.



This is a short summary of changes, for users upgrading from SpamFryer 5. See the SpamFryer documentation for full details.

* Updated rules - around 200 (see SpamFryer.loseList)

These include a new group for SpamFryer 6, all the old standards from SpamFryer 5 and 4 (some of which you may find are no longer very useful as certain internet fads are currently on the wane) and an extra set we've found to be quite effective in 2008 but which are commented out (safety first!) as a few users might have legitimate interactions involving those patterns which their keepList may not catch. To improve SpamFryer performance, remove the // prefix unless you're worried that you may actually want mails containing these spam-characteristic patterns.

* Option to start SpamFryer in interactive mode

Preview the content of your mailbox, and select the mails you want to keep or delete.

* Option to sort the rules

SpamFryer will re-build the keeplist and loselist so that the most often triggered rules are the first ones used to check the mails. This also gives some stats about spam.

* Standard localisation support and new translation tool

SpamFryer now runs in your (system prefered) language. (Currently available language: French. More to come.)

* Support for APOP (POP3 protocol) password encryption

If your mail server support it, APOP will be used, for a safer session.

* Support for Thor mailer (customised version of SpamFryer)


* Folded mail headers are now fully supported to RFC 822.

SpamFryer checks each entire header line even when it is wrapped onto multiple lines.

* Option to fry mails above a specified size, and sanity check on very long lines.

Avoid a possible buffer-overflow by setting a limit for text line length (RFC 822 recommends a maximum of 80 characters per line, but not all mailers respect that).

* TABs handled as SPACEs

When applying the rules, any tabulation character in a mail is seen as a space character when checking for a match.

* No dependency upon external programs or libraries

SpamFryer will use some of them, but will not fail if they are not available.

* Default password requester

If rexxreqtool.library is not installed, SpamFryer will use its own requester.

* Account selection shortcuts (in interactive mode)

If you have fewer than 10 accounts to check, you can quickly select the one to browse by pressing a numeric key.

* Memory checking

If you have a LOT of mails waiting in your mailbox, but have a system with a small amount of RAM, SpamFryer will warn you about any ongoing memory shortage and continue checking as much mail as it can.

* Option to over-write or append to previous logs

* Early exit (to the next account) if supplied password is null

* Examples showing how to build a one-button launcher with DOpus Magellan, and AmigaDOS scripts to quickly launch SpamFryer from Workbench

* More lose rules added, for even more spam frying

Plus many other less-visible improvements which help to make SpamFryer even more comfortable to use.

SpamFryer 6:18 is available from Aminet: SpamFryer.lha

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