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Date 19-Oct-2008 4:02:56
Topic: Announcement

Hey All! Amiga Island Bulletin Board System is back On-Line!

Its now running on an AmigaOne XE 800 OS4.1
Running Cnet BBS V5.10b (C)2005-2007 Storm Edge Technologies (Read more)

Seems I had some problems getting the System back Online. Turn out to be a problem with my Router... Fixed that . Got a new 1! :)

Anyways sorry for the LONG Delay. I was trying to get it setup on another Amithlon System which I had running for Years. Seems the hardware I ordered didn't work out.. So I decided to Transfer the BBS over to my AmigaOne.

Seems to be running OK
Remember the good old days?
If Yes, Telnet to Amiga Island BBS Today! :)

Featuring Amiga OS4x/OS3x File Areas
Online Games: like Wheel of Fortune/Murder Motel/Hack 'N' Slash/Boxing etc
Message Areas
Live Conference Chat
& More..



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