SabreMSN gets a tuneup for AGA amigas!

Date 19-Oct-2008 5:05:15
Topic: Software News

This is a SabreMSN theme package for use on classic Amigas using PAL/NTSC
High Res screen modes, or any other "tall pixel" mode. Parts of the package
can be installed and used individually, or together. Included in the
package you'll find: (Read more)

* Custom pixelled Emoticons and Status Avatars (16colour ILBM format).
* Original sound files converted to Amiga 8SVX format.
* MUI Settings file.
* FullPalette Settings file.
* VisualPrefs Settings file.
* Some nice fonts by Link ( )


* SabreMSN ( ) - Obviously
* FullPalette ( ) - Only
important if your Workbench is in 16 colours.
* VisualPrefs ( ) - Not
important, but it helps.


* Copy the directories GFX/, SMILEYS/, and SOUNDS/ into your SabreMSN/ directory.
* Copy the contents of Fonts/ to SYS:Fonts/.
* Copy SABREMSN.1.prefs to SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/MUI/

* Double-click on FullPalette16 to set your Workbench to the optimised
palette. Open FullPalette and click "Save" if you're happy with the new
colours (I've tweaked this palette to be as compatible and flexible as
possible, it's useful for both MagicWB and NewIcons, as well as Workbench
games). FullPalette must of course be installed.
* Double-click on VisualPrefs16 and check it all out, if you like it you
can open the GUI Prefs and click "Save".

Load up SabreMSN and check it out. I hope someone out there can get some
use out of this.

Long Live Amiga!


Download link:

Note from Jahc: Theres a new SabreMSN from yesterday that attempts to fix the file transfers (it still uses the older protocol though), and should now work with addresses.

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