XNet-RSS 53.1 available on OS4Depot.

Date 21-Oct-2008 15:49:29
Topic: Software News

XNet-RSS 53.1, a native AmigaOS4.0 RSS feeds reader, is available on OS4Depot.

download here

New features added from the 52.2 release:

- Prefs: support for new transparency features in main window and news bar window (require AOS4.1)
- Prefs: could be started in iconified mode
- Prefs: max size of the displayed news channel icons could be set via env var (default to 16)
- GUI: added a vertical bar to resize the two main listbrowsers
- GUI: now uses requester.class instead of the ugly easyrequester
- Localization: added french and spanish catalogs (thanks to Alexandre and Emilio)
- Localization: reworked news translation via Babelfish
- RSS: improved RSS feeds compatibility
- RSS: improved error handling
- Bugs: removed a couple of nasty bugs in audio and bitmap handling (thanks to Stefano Guidetti and Martin Mckenzy)


Max Tretene, S o f t 3

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