AROS: Compilers packages standardization!

Date 8-Nov-2008 11:09:05
Topic: Software News

Building on previous work of Markus Weiss and Nic Andrews, Stanislaw Szymczyk standardized the AROS compilers packages for all AROS platforms (i386, ppx and x86_64) to gcc 4.2.2 and included their compilation into AROS build system, allowing for simple creation of cross and native compilers for all targets.

This new package is now enabled by default in the i386 nightly build, giving the basic C/C++ development environment out-of-the-box for all interested developers and users.

Please join me in congratulating Stanislaw, Markus and Nic on their fine work!

PS. You can still donate to 'Self compilation' bounty:

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