APoV Issue 3 is Released

Date 8-Nov-2008 20:48:25
Topic: Announcement

Issue 3 of APoV is finally here! The third issue has 124 pages of exciting Amiga content in one PDF:

Reviews of... Disposable Hero, Navy Seals, The Lord of the Rings, War in Middle Earth, Tiny Troops, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Palace's Barbarian, Paperboy, Onslaught, Total Carnage and P.D. games.

Articles about... The history of Britain through Amiga games, the demo scene and football on the Amiga.

Walkthroughs, Hints And Maps... Zak McKracken Part 3, Titanic Blinky, The Final Battle and Elvira: The Arcade Game.

Also... News, mini-articles, WHDLoad, letters, adverts, back page.


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