API re-implementation status for AROS

Date 10-Nov-2008 11:35:28
Topic: News

In April 2008 Krzysztof Smiechowicz undertook a project aimed at reviewing the AmigaOS 3.1 API re-implementation status in AROS to better understand what is needed to achieve goal no 1. of the AROS roadmap (http://aros.sourceforge.net/documentation/developers/roadmap.php).

The project is now completed and the total score is 80%.

The details per each AmigaOS 3.1 module can be found at http://aros.sourceforge.net/introduction/status/everything.php. This resource gives a clear overview of that is currently available on AROS in terms of AmigaOS 3.1 API. If you are interested in helping in development of AROS system componens, please browse the status report to gain basic information :)

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