Word Me Up XXL 1.1 available.

Date 11-Nov-2008 19:24:23
Topic: Software News

Word Me Up XXL, available for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS operating systems, is still improved and now reaches version 1.1. It includes notably :


- Design and graphical arts enhancements (5 themes were fully reworked, 4 others were improved).
- Faster loading and effects on subsidiary screens: "dark" effect, "Shop" and "Digicode" screens.
- Automatic handling of next level (if you didn't collect enough money or keys, previous level is displayed again).
- An improved setup tool: joystick port setting (already included in previous MorphOS release), musics pre-loading, online help.

This new major update is of course free of charge for registered users.

You can download a free demo containing 4 levels:
- AmigaOS 4 : on our website here or there
- MorphOS : on our website here or there

With WordMeUp XXL, take fun!

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