Pete's FTP v0.4 released!

Date 12-Nov-2008 15:49:30
Topic: Software News

Pete's FTP is an advanced OS4 native FTP/SFTP client.

You can download it from here:


* Fully multithreaded design
* (S)FTP to (S)FTP transfers (any combination)
* Multiple windows (for local, SFTP and FTP connections)
* Browsing while downloading
* Drag and drop
* Reaction GUI
* Pause and resume transfers
* Resume files that are already present at the target
* Transferring of whole directories with contents
* Deletion of directories with all contents
* Passive and active transfers supported
* Optional automatic binary/ascii mode setting
* AISS toolbars
* Detailed HTML documentation
* Localised (translations welcome

Changes since v0.3:

- When you couldn't connect to a server, PFTP would
hang. Fixed.
- Icon is now a proper Amiga icon. Didn't realise it
was png because i have the png iconmodule installed
and i just copied over the file i got from Mason
and forgot about it.
- Now copes with servers that include a total number
of files with the file listing at the top. Thanks
to Magnus Andersson for his help with this one.
- Now doesn't crash if you click a link in the about
window without OpenURL installed.
- The local browser thread didn't properly keep track
of how many messages it was expecting a reply for,
and could sometimes hang around waiting for
responses it had already received. Fixed.
- If you started some local-to-local transfers, and
one of them failed for any reason, the ones after
it wouldn't start. Fixed.
- Local-to-local transfers that had a read or write
error during transfer were treated as if they
succeeded. Fixed.
- If a transfer failed, it would be silently added to
the failed transfer list, and an error message
printed in the log. This is easily missed during
bulk transfers. Now there is an error log for errors
that occur during transfers, which pops up to let you
know something went wrong. Items in bold are new
ones since the last time the error log window was
closed. Thanks to Mario Cattaneo for making me get
around to this finally :)
- Improved the error handling and detection for SFTP.
- If you selected more than one directory, but no files,
and deleted them, only the first one would be deleted.
Fixed. (Thanks to Janne Peršaho for the report).
- If you deleted a directory, but no files, the browser
wouldn't be refreshed aftwards. Fixed. (Thanks to Janne
Peršaho for the report).
- Added a debug menu to make it easier to find and
fix faults that i can't reproduce:

If you get a blank lister when you visit a certain
FTP site, tick the "Generate RAM:list_debug.txt"
option and refresh the lister, you should now have a
file in ram called "list_debug.txt" with the raw
directory as sent by the FTP server.

If you get stalled transfer or delete operations,
or other odd behaviour, select "Dump structures"
and send the resulting file, along with the log, to
me for further analysis.

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