Amiga-Z BBS to Re-launch November 27th, 2008!

Date 16-Nov-2008 17:09:02
Topic: Announcement

After too long of a downtime, the Amiga-Z BBS is coming back. We officially relaunch on November 27, 2008! (Read more)

The original Amiga-Z BBS went live in February of 1995 on an Amiga 500 with a Bodega Bay, external CD-ROM and 2 HDDs (40MB & 80MB) and had about 1300 files online by the time the BBS was shutdown in 1997, due to a failure on the DataFlyer500 HD controller. After about 8 years, the BBS was resurrected while I lived in South Dakota. Mostly out of a mix of boredom and nostalgia. Since I didn't have my Amiga 3000 with me in the Mid-West, I opted to use an old P2 233MHz machine with Windows 98 and WinUAE to bring the BBS back. It ran for 2 more years till I moved back to New York. Now, 3 years later, it's coming back, somewhat intact.

I will be erasing just about all the old messages in the message bases, as well and doing some reworking of features, as well as some experimenting . For anyone that enjoys BBSing, I invite you to get a telnet client and be ready to log on when we go live.

If you would like to keep up to date on info for the BBS, you can go to the BBS' website or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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