AmiKit 1.5.2 and new engine add-on

Date 22-Nov-2008 13:50:51
Topic: Software News

AmiKit, the free software package that turns your Windows or Linux system into the high-end Amiga environment, has been updated.

Highlight: The v1.5.2 version contains the new and yet publically unreleased AfA_OS 4.3 (AROS for Amiga) system which enriches the AmiKit OS3.x environment with up-to-date AROS features. The update is delivered to you automatically thanks to AmiKit's integrated Live Update feature. Here's what's new.

The AmiKit emulation engine (WinUAE) has also been updated. There's a new Add-On which, when installed, updates the emulation engine of your AmiKit automatically.

For more information and free download please visit Official AmiKit website. Donations are welcome.

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