New software releases by OnyxSoft

Date 29-Nov-2008 22:57:13
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft is releasing two software updates, Annotate, BackUp

Annotate v2.6.2 - (OS4) A very comprehensive text editor with a lot of functions.
- Mainly a bug fix release:
- Ann could crash if expat wasn't found.
- Vertical/block pasting above a vertical block selection moved the selection.
- Undo/redo block pastes was incorrect sometimes.
- News: Delayed opening of GUI classes makes it start quicker.
- Made it possible to disable system beep/flash.
- And more..

BackUp v1.61 - (68k) Backup program that mirrors a directory structure.
- Fixed a few issues with archive bits that were set on directories that already had the bit.
- May work better with USB devices that doesn't have an Amiga file system.
- Updated and changed the log file format and output to be more useful also in non-verbose mode.
- Verbose now outputs more info.
- Fixed a task priority related bug.
- And more..

See the readme for each program for a more detailed list of changes.

The update of BackUp in this release was made 100% because of user requests and bug reports! If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail

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