Second batch of Minimig enclosures

Date 30-Nov-2008 22:50:45
Topic: Announcement

Hi everyone,

I have been working on an updated version of the Minimig enclosure.

The slightly improved version offers:

Bigger holes for the Drive and Power LEDs, they are also covered with an acrylic window, this was difficult to implement but successful. The LEDs now shine through and are even more visible.

I have added two extra pillars (for use with first, shorter series of Minimig boards) and an extra security screw with fixing.

The Minimig logo is still available in decal form, red, black or silver.

(Forget about the boing ball, that is for personal use I am just giving you ideas in case you order a plain one)...

I have ordered 50 enclosures (all glossy white), the first 20 have already been booked so, if you need one, email me ( and I will put one aside for you.

They all come with applied rubber feet, all the necessary screws and detailed instructions.

Although I had to pay the factory for the new CAD and extra prototype I am offering at a slightly reduced price of 65 (GBP) + p&p.

Soon some more interesting news...hopefully

Thank you.

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