AmigaSYS 4 - Xmas pack!

Date 1-Dec-2008 1:18:58
Topic: Software News

Xmas is soon here, so i thought i'll give you a present.

I made an addon for the AmigaSYS 4 WinUAE/EUAE versions, you can give your system the xmas feeling by a few click.


- Header, icons (PNG), background, Amistart - start button (PNG), Toolmanager.
- 1024x768-1680x1050 compatible.
- Install and uninstall option.


- AmigaSYS 4 - AmigaOS 3.9, E-UAE/WinUAE.

more infos, pictures, download:

Happy holiday!

The AmigaSYS is a fully pre-configured AmigaOS system. To install, you'll need the original AmigaOS CD or disk (AmigaOS 3.0 or 3.1 or 3.9), after installing these, we will get the full configured system.

AmigaSYS are available on the following platforms: WinUAE (Windows), E-UAE (AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Linux, MacOS), Amithlon (X86), XBOX, PocketPC and real Amiga computers (Amiga 1200/4000).

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