Amiga Forever Live Streaming Meetup on Thursday

Date 2-Dec-2008 11:18:35
Topic: Events

When Amiga events were more frequent and lots of people attended, it was a pleasure to meet in person. As software developers, we could better understand what features we should work on, and our users could often better appreciate the challenges we faced ourselves. At the end, we would both learn and make new friends.

Amiga events are sadly not as frequent as in the past, but as more people have higher speed internet access we would like to try and recreate some of that "live" spirit with a combined video broadcast and chat session.

We've scheduled a first 30-minute "Amiga Forever Live" show:

- Thursday, December 4, 19:30 CET (10:30 AM PST, 1:30 PM EST)

This first event is likely to be somewhat rough, as it is our first experience with live video broadcasting, so please be patient! If things go well we hope to be able to organize more live events, also on week-ends and at different times. The scheduling of the first episode matched with the opportunity to have a special guest.

The address of the live show, which includes a chat window for questions and comments, is:


If you would like to submit questions until a few hours before the show, feel free to do so via the contact form. After that, please use the chat feature (registration required) on the broadcast page.

Event Home Page:


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