AmiCon Party - Report and Pictures

Date 9-Dec-2008 12:23:19
Topic: Events

The second AmiCon Party of 2008 took place last weekend in Pomaz, Hungary (near Budapest). The event, which started out originally as a small gathering of local AmigaOne owners has grown in popularity throughout the years. It has a really nice retro atmosphere, where people from all favours of Amiga and Amiga-like systems share their common interests and experiences.

This time we had a number of AmigaOne machines running AmigaOS 4.1 for anyone to play with, and also a Sam440 system running AmigaOS 4.1, as well as Debian Linux (many thanks to Philippe Ferrucci for helping me set it up). To complete the next-gen range, we also had an Efika and a Pegasos2 system running the latest version of MorphOS. We had a number of really nice classic hardware, a number of A1200's were there for gaming entertainment, we had a look at the inside of an A1000's case which contains the signatures of all who participated in its development (including Jay Miner's) and more exotic hardware, such as an old Commodore-branded calculator! There was a very interesting piece of hardware which is being developed here in Hungary called the ScanJuggler, which is an internal scandoubler for an A1200 that gave an incredibly sharp picture of a PAL signal on an LCD Monitor.

An important announcement was made that after a long time, there is now an official Amiga dealer again in Hungary, who has become the exclusive distributor of ACube's products (such as Sam440 and OS4.1) for the whole of Eastern Europe, an announcent of that will follow soon.

The party was extremely successful and we received a lot of positive feedback, we will surely have it next year too, most likely at a bigger venue due to the increasing popularity of the event.

Some pictures of the event can be found here and here

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