VICE 2.1 has been released

Date 19-Dec-2008 22:44:42
Topic: Announcement

VICE 2.1 has been released.

VICE is the Versatile Commodore Emulator, it emulates the Commodore C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and the CBM-II, as well as the C64 DTV, and it runs on Win32, Unix, DOS, RiscOS, OS/2, BeOS, QNX, skyOS, AmigaOS and GP2X systems.

VICE is *free* software released under the GNU General Public License, and as such it comes with full source code.

Most important changes since the last version include:

* Changes in VICE 2.1

** General

- The VICEplus project has been joined with VICE. Thus, x64dtv is now part of VICE.

- We can be contacted via IRC: #vice-dev on freenode

- Added a more accurate ReSID engine using floating point math (ReSID-FP).

- Added support for the USB HardSID.

- PAL emulation has been rewritten and optimized.

- Fixed the ACIA 6551 emulation. (x64/x128/xcbm2/xpet/xplus4)

- Monitor commands help text is now translated too (in ports where translation is available at all)

- Monitor IO command now displays IO area even if it is currently banked out.

- GCR file handling (.G64) issues an error message if the .G64 does not have the expected structure. Before, VICE just silently ignored such files.

- IRQ handling fix

** C64/C128 changes

- Fixed the digimax sound generation.

- Added the RR clockport disable functionality at $DF00.0. Allows to disable the RRnet.

- Improved REU compatibility and timing.

** C64 changes

- Added isepic cartridge emulation.

- Added Double Quick Brown Box cartridge emulation.

** VIC20 changes

- Improved the sound emulation.

- Fixed the lowest note bug.

- Improved VIC emulation (exact in-line color/reverse mode changes).

** C64DTV changes

- New emulator.

The VICE 2.1 source archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 M68K Amiga OS 3.x binary archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 PPC Amiga OS 4.x binary archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 PPC MorphOS binary archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 Intel AROS binary archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 PPC AROS binary archive is available at:

The VICE 2.1 AROS64 binary archive is available at:

For more information check out the VICE home page at:

At the time this was written the VICE home page was not updated yet,
rest assured that it will be updated soon.
In the meantime, please use

The VICE team wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

Signed, Marco van den Heuvel.

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