Amiga Forever 2008 Value Edition - New Version, Content and Price

Date 20-Dec-2008 18:39:58
Topic: Software News

When Amiga Forever 2008 was released less than six months ago, it was accompanied by a name change in the entry level edition: the former Online Edition was renamed Value Edition. This was to signal another change further along the road, which was put into practice today.


Amiga Forever Value Edition has been repositioned to focus on content that can be played back in version 1.3 ROM and Workbench environments (whereas the Plus and Premium editions also include all other versions from 1.0 to 3.X). More than 70% of the thousands of games available for legal download from their original publishers and from Amiga preservation sites can be run with the new Value Edition.

The new Amiga Forever 2008 Value Edition includes 50 games, some of the best demoscene productions, and a selection of additional items at the low price of $9.95 (local taxes may apply, or 9.95 euros inclusive of VAT).

The Value Edition comes in an 80 MB downloadable installer for Windows, and incorporates all the previous minor updates (build 2008.0.12.0), the latest WinUAE version, and the Software Director tool to manage future free updates. The Value Edition is also available for free in partnership with TrialPay, if ordered together with a product or service from other affiliated sites.

Also in consideration of the twelve minor updates released so far, version 2008 remains the current version for all editions of Amiga Forever. The next release in the series will be C64 Forever, planned for the first months of 2009.

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