Amiga North Thames 10th Anniversary - Jan 1999 - Jan 2009.

Date 9-Jan-2009 19:23:31
Topic: Events

Hi Guys and Gals. As you know, its our 10th Anniversary this Sunday 11th of January, Unfortunately, our planned E-UAE/Amiga Emulation session has had to be put off until next month.

Therefore we will be hosting a network/multiplayer gaming session. Any game that can run on an Amiga via networking or Multiplayer. This can include, Bomberman, Quake II, OTTD 0.4.7 etc. etc. So if you have a multiplayer/network game - bring it along with your Amiga. Read more!!!

Doors Open 1pm to 5pm. Venue: Enfield, Greater London/Middlesex.

Details on how to get to the venue on our rarely updated website,

Admittance free to first timers, but donations welcome! There will be tea, coffee and some cake available too!

Mikey C
Amiga North Thames Chairman.

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