SFS (v1.205) released

Date 10-May-2003 4:31:03
Topic: Software News

Replacement Filesystem SFS (SmartFileSystem) has just been updated to verison 1.205.

Changes since v1.195:

  • FAST seeking. Even in extremely large files.
  • FAST reading of directories.
  • FAST defragmentation routines (built-in optimiser)
  • Disk space is used VERY efficiently.
  • Blocksizes of 512 bytes up to 32768 bytes are supported. (512 BYTES FOR BEST PERFORMANCE)
  • The length of file and dir names can be 107 characters. The lenght of 'pathes' can be 255 characters (AmigaDOS, see changes?!)
  • Volumename can be 30 characters (AmigaDOS)
  • The size of a file is limited to 2 GB (AmigaDOS)
  • The length of comments can be 79 characters (like FFS)
  • Support for partitions larger than 4 GB or located (/partially) beyond the 4 GB barrier on your drive. There is support for the New Style Devices (NSD) and the 64-bit trackdisk commands (TD64) which support 64 bit access.
  • Supports large partitions. The limit is about 2 TB, but it can be more depending on the blocksize (32KB/Block -> 128 TB). Yes!
  • Modifying data on your disk is very safe. Even if your system is resetted, crashes or suffers from powerloss your disk will not be corrupted and will not require long validation procedures before you will be able to use it again. In the worst case you will only lose the last few modifications made to the disk.
  • There is a built-in configurable read-ahead cache system which tries to speed up small disk accesses. This cache has as a primary purpose to speed up directory reading but also works very well to speed up files read by applications which use small buffers.
  • Supports Notification and ExamineAll.
  • Supports softlinks (hardlinks are not supported for now).
  • Using the SFSformat command you can format your SFS partition with case sensitive file and directory names. Default is case insensitive (like FFS).
  • There is a special directory which contains the last few files which were deleted. (see sfsformat.txt)

    You can download the latest SFS here.

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