Origyn for AROS nears completion, gains extra features

Date 12-Jan-2009 22:34:02
Topic: Software News

In an update over at RootNode.net, AROS developer Stanisław Szymczyk recently suggested that the bounty for a modern web browswer for the open source AmigaOS-derived operating system nears completion as his ongoing work with the Origyn browser is starting to yield results.


Mr Szymczyk states that apart from several new additions to the AROS software suite - including a brand new build of the popular SDL application platform - Origyn will gain a few extra features, including browser tabs similar to what users of Internet Explorer 7 are used to.

Thanks to its open source nature, Mr Szymczyk's enhancements are expected to be available for backporting to AmigaOS in the near future.

Interested parties may want to know that the AROS browser bounty is still open for donations at Power2People.org. Current funds add up to 141 plus $989 USD.

About Origyn
Origyn is a free web browser originally designed for cell phones, set top boxes and other consumer electronic gadgets. It rests on an SDL-implemented version of Apple's WebKit rendering engine. The AmigaOS version is available exclusively for OS 4.0/4.1 and is to this date the only Amiga HTML browser with official support for Cascading Style Sheets. Since the its introduction in December 2007, Origyn for AmigaOS has enjoyed several updates stirring up quite some interest among Amiga users in the process.

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