Update of the Amiga games list

Date 16-Jan-2009 15:29:31
Topic: Software News

The "Amiga Games List" (http://obligement.free.fr/articles/listejeuxamiga.php), maintained by David Brunet since april 1991 has been updated in its 38th edition. About 850 new entries have been added, the total now reach 13528 entries distributed as follows :

- 12416 games.
- 953 datas.
- 125 games or levels editors.
- 34 interpreters.

Here the change since the v37 :

- In the "Div" column (misc hardware), addition of games with EGS display.
- In the "License" column, addition of MIT, WTFPL (Do What The #### You Want To Public License) and Open Source licenses. The Open Source licenses is for free games with available code source but which doesn't enter in others license categories.
- In the "License" column, the "GPL" mention is renammed "GPL2".
- In the "Edit" column, addition of the mention "Ext" for editable datas.
- In the "Language" column, addition of the name of the editor of the editable datas.
- In the "Language" column, addition of games created with Glulx, Z-Code (zblurb version) The Director, Allegro, ScummC, MegaZeux, NCurses.
- Addition of games hidden into others games. These games without name are renammed with the name of the host game + the mention [Subgame].

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