Origyn Web Browser for MorphOS

Date 1-Feb-2009 23:48:27
Topic: Software News

Fabien "Fab" Coeurjoly has successfully ported the Origyn Web Browser to MorphOS after about three weeks of work. This web browser is based on the powerful WebKit engine which is also used by Apple's Safari or Google's Chrome.

System requirements:?
MorphOS 2.x is strongly recommended but it can still work on a 1.4.x setup if a recent MUI snapshot (2007) is installed. The browser requires at least 35MB of free memory. If you are an Efika user and you are in need of a stripped down version, please contact the author. (He might disable SVG support.)

The highlights of Fabien's implementation are as follows:

Based on GaleKid 1.0 OWB Branch (December 2008)
Javascript, CSS, DOM, SVG, Unicode, SSL, ...
Antialiased fonts and kerning, font families and support for international charsets
MUI Interface
Cairo technology !!1
Multiple tabs and windows
Download manager
Context menus
Rexx port (openurl support)
No paypal donation needed

Download it here.

Usage information:

First run (IMPORTANT! READ!)

At *first* run, OWB will index your truetype fonts directory (MOSSYS:fonts/_ttf by default). This operation can take a long time (expect a few minutes on efika). Progress is indicated if you run OWB from shell. Once it's done, a conf/font/fonts.cache file is created.

If you really can't wait, I included a default fonts.cache file that should match fonts provided with MorphOS 2.2. Just rename conf/font/fonts.cache_2.2 to fonts.cache. If you wish to use another truetype font directory, please edit conf/font/fonts.conf and change the

To use Japanese fonts or anything else, just add relevant fonts in the configured font directory.

A minimal settings window is available. You can set download directory, homepage, and font sizes.

OWB can import IBrowser bookmarks. Just copy it to OWB directory as bookmarks.html. If you wish to make an entry appear in fastlinks or pulldown menu, just check the relevant option in bookmark editor.

Preempted rants

It takes ages to start!
-> It only happens at first start or when you update your fonts. Current OWB version uses FontConfig, which is quite slow at indexing. After that, it should start in a second or so.

It's slow!
-> OWB is based on WebKit and this version uses Cairo to render. Modern browsers tend to be a bit less effective than our good old browsers. :) That said, there's still room for optimization.

It's too memory-hungry!
-> See above.

Some SSL websites just display nothing!
-> Maybe they're not certified. You can either update "curl-ca-bundle.crt" file, or ignore SSL errors with: "setenv WEBKIT_IGNORE_SSL_ERRORS 1" (not really recommended).

It crashes!
-> OWB is fairly stable (as long as you have enough memory, like any *posix* application nowadays...). If you get a reproducible crash, send me a debug log.

What is currently missing but might be supported in future versions

Authentication window (you can still use http://login:pass@host)
Error (403/404/...) feedback
Download resume/pause
Fancy mouse cursors
URL completion
Password manager
Cookie saving
... and much more. :)

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