'Tuning' Sam at I.M.M. Informatique

Date 4-Feb-2009 12:55:09
Topic: Hardware News

This system is buil around a completely transparent case with a 150W power supply, a 250GB harddisk, a DVD writer, a Sam440EP board with its 512MB memory and its 667Mhz processor and of course with the AmigaOS 4.1 included (installed with several more applications and CD included too).
This complete configuration is at 885 euros only

If you want some very different case, this one is for you

Also, we have added AmigaOS 4.1 on our website and we should receive it after the 15th february.
The price for it is 120 euros

Don't hesitate to contact us at laurentz@informatique-imm.lu or directly on MSN too at laurentzorawski57@hotmail.com

At the end, for all Minimig's owners or if you want one, please note that we have these products in stock and overall we have the Minibox from Loriano 'TehDaddy' Pagni in stock too (white only)

Laurent aka Faranheit

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