The Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 ported to AmigaOS 4.x

Date 9-Feb-2009 2:53:16
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Porting for Profit strikes with yet another quality release!

The Lord of the Rings vol. 1 - Fellowship of the Rings (C) 1993 Interplay
Some of you might remember playing the crappy and slow version on your a500's way back in 1993. (mod note: No, it worked well on my A500)

This version is not slow like syrup. And it runs under AmigaOS4. The game is fairly complete, and you can
play through the whole game.

There is one drawback with the AmigaOS 4.x version, due the way Midi is implemented it
doesn't work under AmigaOS yet. I have tried to contact the author, let's see what comes out of it,
if anything, no garantuees. For now, pop you movie soundtrack into your stereo and enjoy.
The movie soundtrack is better anyway. ;)

Download the game here!

And read this review while you wait for the download to finish:

J.R.R. Tolkien is the master behind many top-selling titles placed in the Realm of Middle Earth. His most famous are without a doubt The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. These two have produced a number of games, copycats, animated films and the last also brought us the extremely popular film-trilogy by Peter Jackson. Not many people out there can have missed the epic tale of Frodo Baggins from the Shire.

But if they against all probability have. Then they may soon join hand with other Tolkien fans around the globe and talk actively about the story Lord of the Rings. This game brings you in control of Frodo himself as he ventures out with his friends to destroy The One Ring! A ring that holds the fate of all Middle-Earth, is in the hands of the most unlikely creature of them all; a hobbit! The Ring promises ultimate power and unquestioned authority, but it tells a lie. The Ring can only bring trouble to anyone who carries it. Sauron, who made The Ring, is always seeking it, and The Ring seeks him. The one can not exist without the other. Frodo must take The Ring to the one place in Middle-Earth it can be destroyed. Back to the very place it was created: Mount Doom!

Unfortunately this is in the heart of Saurons realm. And to make matters worse he has sent the Nazgul (Ring-Wraiths), his most feared minions to retrieve The Ring from the Shire. Frodo must move with haste if he is to complete his quest. And so the story begins.

Interplay has made one of the best Lord of the Rings game out there, combining a nice interface with great scenery, good gameplay and easy control. You control everything in the game with the mouse, making it very playable and enjoyable. The game follows the story in the book, but it also gives you great freedom in how you want to solve the puzzles, something there is a lot of in the game. As you progress through the game, you will get more side-quest to complete, all the time with the Nazgul right behind you.

Remember to save often in the game, but beware while doing so. The game can only support two different savegames at one time. This is the biggest drawback the game has. Had it not been for this inability to save often and using a lot of different save-games the game would easily have achieved a maximum score, but because of this the game receives only a total of 4.

Nevertheless this is a game that I would definitely recommend!

Reviewed by: Kosta

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