Amiga Future: Gallery Update

Date 9-Feb-2009 13:53:42
Topic: News

The Amiga Future gallery has been extended considerably during the past months.

Especially the past few days we have added sub-sections to "Amiga Messen / Shows" and filled them up with entries like Breakpoint and Evoke.

In the meanwhile we have photos for more than 20 events online....

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But we need more images to complete the gallery. Do you have taken any photos on an event? Then please mail us. We put them online for you.

Do you have photos of the old big Amiga fairs? Then please email us.

In our screenshot area we have more than 3000 game screenshots online. Now we want to put as many screenshots of applications online. Who wants to help us?

By the way subscribers of the Amiga Future are able to download covers in colour for the included CD in the magazine to print them out.

The Amiga Future issue 76 was published on 5th January and is available at the Amiga Future shop and some Amiga dealers.

Issue 77 of the Amiga Future is going to be published on 5th March.

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