APC&TCP: Testers wanted for Digibooster Professional 3

Date 11-Feb-2009 14:43:44
Topic: Software News

APC&TCP, responsible for the sales and the development of the music software DigiboosterPro, announces that from now on alpha testers are wanted to reaching as soon as possible beta status.


Appropriate users would:

- sends back mistakes, problems, bugs and other non-system conforming events. If possible just in time.
- speak english

- have some basic knowledge about the using of:

* Tracker programs (Digibooster 1.x, DBPro 2.x, Protracker, ...)
* Monitor programs (Scout, Sashimi, Snoopdos) (optional)

- owned one or several Amiga systems of these:

Amiga Classic 68k (AmigaOS 3.x)
Amiga Classic PPC (AmigaOS 4.0)
AmigaOne (AmigaOS 4.x)
Sam440EP/Flex (AmigaOS 4.x)
Pegasos 1/2 (MorphOS 1.x / 2.x)
Efika (MorphOS 1.x / 2.x)
AmigaOS Emulation (Amithlon / WinUAE)

If you are an interested user please send an e-mail with the subject "DBPro3 beta", including your system configuration, to: psyria@digiboosterpro.de

Make a look in the support-forum of DigiBoosterPro. Here can you talk direct with the developer.


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