ClipDown v1.0 - Assists with download from OWB!

Date 12-Feb-2009 4:29:41
Topic: Software News

ClipDown v1.0 has just been uploaded to OS4Depot.
It was developed to make downloading from OWB fairly painless until proper support can be added.

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ClipDown is a small OS4 utility to download web pages and files (via 'wget') pointed to by HTTP: and FTP: protocal URL's that reside in clipboard unit 0. It allows for capturing files from the WEB by cutting a URL to the clipboard, then clicking the "Download Clip" button in ClipDown's window. It includes options to choose a public screen for it to reside on so it is easily accessable. It was initially designed to allow for easy downloads from the OS4 version of OWB (Origyn Web Broswer) until internal support is added but can be used independent of OWB. Just set the screen option to the workbench screen or any other public screen.

Please let me know if you find this useful little utility useful.

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