New Acuario screen saver version

Date 12-Feb-2009 14:28:13
Topic: Software News

I have available a new version of Acuario screen saver the 1.76 for Amiga 68k, OS 4.x and MorphOS with the new improvements:

- The version 1.76:
1. New mermaid animation corrected...
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2. New voices for the mermaid.
3. New inhabitant in the aquarium: one crab.
4. New background of high resolution.
5. Bubbles animation with new effect for the new background.
6. New system of position for the plants, bubbles and crab for the different screen sizes.
7. New option for AcuarioPrefs, now again you can choose the default melody.

And you can download the file from OS4Depot in graphics/screenblanker or more easily from my site

Enjoy it!

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