Origyn Web Browser 3.7 for AmigaOS

Date 25-Feb-2009 3:17:50
Topic: Software News

OWB version 3.7 (Galegon) is now out and is available via AmiUpdate or OS4Depot or Aminet.

This update includes the following features and bug fixes:
- Updated to SVN revision 842 (OWB milestone Galegon).
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issues #67 (F5 is reload instead of redraw now), #69 (restore active tab on uniconify), #70 (mouse button events outside of the webview didn't work), #73 (about : url support), #84, #85 (added home and end key support) and #90 (tab titles with underscores work correctly now).
- Added new keyboard shortcuts:
/ = back/forward (only if no text input is active).
= activate url gadget
= activate search gadget
- Alt texts of images are displayed in the tooltips as well now.
- Added "Save As..." menu item.

More details including donation options can be found at the AmigaOS OWB web page.

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