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Date 25-Feb-2009 20:22:28
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Yo! was updated today.
Some of our music/djsets are now available in the web-radio and as mp3 downloads
for all those that don't fancy playing the mods.

New/old Amiga produced tracks:


DJ Sets and Live performances:

Dipswitch - Roots and Rockers
Spot - Dancehall
Spot & Dipswitch - Back to Back
[Optiroc - The Warmup
Qwan - Live
Yoki & Stewart One - Turntablism
Yoki - Live
Optiroc - The Meltdown
Goto80 & Fleshrocker - Live

Also, if you are in to underground dancemusic with a dirty touch, check out our RADIO DIRTY podcast!
you can subscribe to the podcast in your favourite podcast software (be it iTunes or anything else) via this link:, and for a list of all Radio Dirty transmissions visit this page!

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