New software releases by OnyxSoft

Date 2-Mar-2009 21:30:27
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft is releasing four software updates!
BackUp, MPlayer-GUI, WiiLoader, ZoomIT

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Updated programs

BackUp v1.63 - (68k) Backup program that mirrors a directory structure and handles links.
- Replaced the ever buggy AFC tasker class which was used for the backup sub process for custom code. People noticing an exit problem on OS4.1 beta versions should be fine now.
- When creating a local relative softlink an additional slash was added to the path. Fixed.

MPlayer-GUI v1.45 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer.
- Added a Load and Save function to the playlist so it can be saved and loaded.
- Using expat.library now instead of linking it in. Cut the executable size in half :)
- Fixed a few incorrect default values.

WiiLoader v1.1 - (MOS,OS4) WiiLoader is a utility to load .DOL and .ELF-files over network to the Homebrew Channel.
- Native AROS-version - Yeah!
- WiiLoader can now be used as a Default Tool to be able to upload the file at once.
- Changed the connection timeout drastically ;)
- Cosmetical changes in the GUI while transfers is active.
- Program now saves the current last settings to ENV: and not ENVARC:
- Settings are now saved to ENVARC only when Snaphoot is selected in settings menu.

ZoomIT v1.0 - (68k, MOS, AROS, OS4) MUI-based magnify application.
- Now possible to use the application without window borders.
- Cleaned up the menu layout (removed redundant stuff, use MUI-settings instead)
- Removed space and frame in the window (only scaled data is now shown)
- Updated the program to make use of MorphOS 2.0-features
- Internal optimizations (thanks to Christian Rosentreter)
- Plus lot more changes!

If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail

If you don't feel like contacting us but still like to contribute then OnyxSoft homepage has a Donate button not too far away

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