DigitalUniverse 1.6 Demo Released

Date 4-Mar-2009 13:54:28
Topic: Software News

A Demonstration Version of SYZYGY's "The Digital Universe" v 1.6 for Amiga OS4 has been uploaded to OS4 Depot and is also on Aminet.

This is a demo of the latest work in progress, the full commercial version will be available in the not too distant future.

This archive will install a DEMO version of Digital Universe 1.6.
The demo version will NOT affect any current install of the full
version of Digital Universe 1.5.

It will replace any installed older demo version if installed in the
same location. You can keep the old demo by installing to a new location
but the DUDemo: assign will point to the 1.6 Demo directory.


This is a demo version of the commercial software package
"The Digital Universe". It has the following restrictions
and limitations over the registered version:

1. Stars, galaxies, nebulae, and clusters are only shown
in a square from 4 to 7 hours right ascension and -15 to
15 degrees declination. This roughly covers the region
occupied by the constellation of Orion, and is visible
from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

2. The demo version will not allow you to simulate a view of
the night sky later than November 30, 2009 nor before
November 1, 2008.

3. Most of the hypertext encyclopedia of astronomy has been
removed. The exceptions, which remain with this demo
package include:
- the online help on how to use the software
- the description and pictures for the Sun
- the description and pictures for M42 (The Great Orion
Nebula), M43, M78, IC 434 (background illumination for
the Horsehead Nebula), and Betelgeuse - objects which
are located in the region defined by restriction # 1.

4. Only a limited subset of the planetary/moon features maps
are included in the demo version.


This demo will run on any Amiga with Amiga OS4 or greater, at
least 3 megabytes of memory, and approximately 6 megabytes of hard
drive space.

To play the intro theme tune an MP3 datatype is required. If no
datatype is available DU will still work and simply ignore the sound
file intro.mp3. An MP3 datatype can be obtained from OS4 Depot at


The software is installed with the Amiga's standard "Installer"

"The Digital Universe" requires MUI (Magic User Interface) 3.8 or
later in order to operate. Version 3.9 is provided with Amiga OS4.

Then, just click on the DUDemo-Install icon and answer the
questions. You must do this even if you extracted the archive
where you would like to use it. In that case, just select an
"in-place" installation.


To run the program, just double-click on the "DUDemo"
icon. If you wish to bypass the introduction, enable
the NOINTRO tooltype in the application's icon.

The first time you run the software you will be prompted to
enter your timezone and location latitude and longitude. You
can accept the default values if in a hurry but remember to
change them later!

If you wish assistance in using the software, a context-sensitive
help system is built in. Just place the mouse pointer over the
gadget or window you need help with and press the HELP key. If
your mouse pointer is over the "backdrop" window (where the stars,
etc. are drawn), general information about using the program is


This Demo Version of The Digital Universe v1.60 will NOT conflict
with nor cause any operational problems if you already have any
older versions.

Trying out this demo will *not* lock you into an irreversible
upgrade path !


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